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entourage hospitality services

one of the most recognized personnel and casual waiting staff agencies in the uae.

meet entourage

Established in 2014, Entourage Hospitality Services is one of the most recognized and experienced personnel and casual F&B/Security staff agencies in the UAE. Our staffs are equipped with experience and knowledge to provide F&B/Security services. Known for the professionalism and delivering highest standard of guest experience. We pride ourselves with our outstanding hospitality service, while making your satisfaction our NUMBER ONE priority. Our staff members are selected by the Entourage Hospitality team using strict criteria and undergoes a thorough process of on-boarding,intensive F&B/Security knowledge training and including on the job training. Our extensive know-how in the fields allows us to provide our clients with everything they need. We can rapidly turn around a request and have experienced staff members at your venue in a matter of hours.
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  • Eliminate visa cost
  • Eliminate staff insurance cost
  • Eliminate recruitment cost
  • Eliminate gratuity
  • Eliminate annual leave and vacation tickets
  • Eliminate repatriation ticket

  • No employer & employee legal commitment
  • Ability to hand pick staffs
  • Ability to test staff before confirming
  • Access to wide pool of experienced staffs in UAE
  • Flexibility on the staff replacements if need be
  • what do we offer

    Entourage Hospitality Services provides casual staff supply services for full-time and part-time hiring, hospitality events, private lunches and dinners. Whether it is for restaurants, clubs, lounges, cocktail bars, private events, yacht parties or private villas, we are available 24/7 to meet, or even exceed your expectations.

    Entourage Hospitality Services provides high-end staffing services for an expansive range of clientele, including VIPs & Royal Families. We take the time to understand our clients' needs and to come up with solutions and skills that are tailored to each case and scenario, according to your demand and SOPs.

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    As a leading security provider in the United Arab Emirates, we offer top-notch security services for a variety of needs, including occasions, people, properties, malls, hospitals, and patrolling. Our team of highly qualified and vetted security professionals is known for their vigilance, skills, and competency in handling any situation. We conduct thorough initial site assessments to tailor our services to meet our clients' specific needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide peace of mind for our clients and other businesses through our reliable and dependable security solutions, regardless of the size and complexity of the task.

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    a carefully chosen staff

    Reflective of Dubai's cosmopolitan identity, we are made up of a multicultural and multilingual group composed of highly experienced and well-trained staff members. Being the representation of our clients' image, we make sure to look the part and meet your expectations in form and efficiency. The high quality of our staff members - reflected in pinpoint accuracy, communication, experience, positive attitude, presentation and respectfulness - plays a large part in the services we provide, as well as in the reputation we earned.

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